The FART network covers 119km and is subdivided into 10 lines (including the Buxi service).
The fleet is made up of 50 buses.

In recent years 19 ecological vehicles have been introduced, and all are managed by the Sistema Informatico per la Gestione d'esercizio SIGE (computerised operational management system).

Area of service The Locarno area
Lines: 10 bus lines
Total lines in km: 119 km
Fleet: 50

Bus and taxi

This is public transport which complements the scheduled bus services, organised at accessible prices and in collaboration with existing taxi services. The price difference between the standard taxi tariff and the reduced price of the Buxi service is made up by the local authorities. The service has been in operation for several years and has proved popular, with more than 2,000 services a year.

For the hills around Locarno, transport is organised on request from the station, making it possible to reach the most distant areas at times outside the scheduled timetable of the FART buses. In this way, the service is complementary to the FART schedule.

In the Ascona area, however, there is a dedicated Buxi line which serves the Monte Verità and Sonnenhof areas. The service is also available during the day, with fixed and variable timetables.

Buxi Collina Locarnese

Tel. 091 743 11 33

Area of service
From Locarno railway station to the hill above and vice versa, to coincide with the arrival and departure of trains.

Daily service on request (all year round), serving all the stops on bus line 2 to the hill and the stops on Line 312 Via Consiglio Mezzano as far as Brione church.

The service begins from the stop Via Monteguzzo in Via ai Monte, Locarno, and from the Residenza Montana in Via del Sole, Muralto, and serves all the stops on: Via Brione - Via Orselina - Via Parco - Via ai Monti - Via Consiglio Mezzano.

The Buxi Collina can transport passengers for different destinations.

Buxi Ascona

Tel. 091 791 77 77

Area of service
From the multistory car park to Monte Verità. From the multistory car park to Sonnenhof.

Daily timetabled service or on request (individual Buxi) with a price supplement.

Line 1
Tenero - Minusio - Locarno - Ascona

Line 2
Locarno/Lido - Collina

Line 7
Locarno - Losone

Line 311
Locarno FEVI - Cugnasco - Bellinzona

Line 312
Locarno - Mergoscia

Line 314
Locarno - Ronco s/Ascona

Line 315
Locarno - Valle Maggia

Line 316
Locarno - Brissago

Buxi Collina Locarnese

Buxi Ascona